Kinshasa to Kigali to Cairo…

We’re here (well brilliant poet Eric One Key and I are) near the shores of the Nile, conspiring to get the rest of the cast to town. For those of you in the region, join us at the CIFCET festival. We’re performing Monday and Tuesday at 8pm at the Metropole Theater. The original cast, in English, with the possibility of some very special guests performers.

And from the news, we’ve got Kinshasa on the mind- Tarmac des auteur’s festival Ca se passe à Kin showed off Kinshasa’s beautiful cacophony- from the sumptuous food, the ever present music and street life to the wonderful work. We are thinking of you, our people in Kin la belle, wishing you safety and love and light in these difficult times. -ESS



Radio Play to Kinshasa!


Radio Play, our satirical dark comedy about the news, has an invitation to perform at Theatre du Tarmac’s June festival. We’ve had a few hiccups with funding (please, please help us out over here), but we’re gearing up to go to the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Radio Play tells the story of a radio station in an unnamed country, where the news is always good, even when it’s not. DJ Lark’s day job is to turn the country’s messy news from the wire feed into cheery messages of hope. For the nightshift, Lady Hibou takes over the airwaves and responds to callers who dial in to confess their secrets. But it turns out everyone has a secret, and their is a cost to pretending that everything is okay.

Previewed in 2014 in Kigali, and premiered and Burundi’s Buja Sans Tabou festival, Radio Play has gone on to tour East Africa- with performances at festivals in Kampala, Uganda; Nairobi, Kenya; Addis Abbeba, Ethiopia. We are really looking forward to continuing this conversation about freedom of expression with Rwanda’s neighbors at the DRC. If you can help us get there, we’d be grateful. And if you are in Kin, come check it out!

There’s a few excerpts linked here… En français at Buja Sans Tabou and images and bios for original cast members Herve Kimenyi, Michael Sengazi, Wesley Ruzibiza and Elizabeth Senja Spackman, as well as clips and photos from Kampala International Theatre festival here.  When we took took the play to Addis and Nairobi, we worked with the talented actor Mugambi Nthiga and  luminous poet and performer Sitawa Namwalie for a truly East African version, but as in Kin we’ll perform en français, we’re back to the original cast. We’re looking at bringing the show for an extended run to some of those places (here’s looking at you Nairobi) that we visited too briefly before as well as some exciting new places this year, so stay tuned.


Welcome to Amizero Kompagnie

Or to be more precise our new blog, where you can read all about it. Amizero Kompagnie is a Rwandan dance theatre company. First started at the University Centre for Arts and Culture in 2005 in Butare, Amizero is now an independent performance company located in Kigali, Rwanda. We perform both nationally and internationally. This year will mark the fifth year of our contemporary dance festival – the East African Nights of Tolerance. Look for the new edition in Kigali in November, and find more about us in the about section.

But we have lots of other projects in the works this year, and so we’ve opened this space so you can track our progress with us (and we’ll be sure to tell you as we migrate to a new website later this year). We want you to grow with us in our projects and dreams, so you can read all about what we’re up to here. With significantly less effort than dancer Abdoul MUJYAMBERE is reading the newspaper in a production of Run run run at EANT 2013. Photo credit Irina Bara. cropped-run-run-run-jump.jpg